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TAILOR PRO: This is a well known shopper's tip:tailors established in luxury hotels are among the best in Bangkok, as hoteliers don't want to spoil their reputation with amateurs. Stepping inside Tailor Pro intimate shop, at the Shama Lake View Asoke, in the posh Sukhumvit area, is a safe and wise initiative: the brand operates since the 1960s. Oldest tailoring establishment in Thailand, it grown and expanded over the years to become one of the finest and most established tailors in the Kingdom. Tailor Pro emphasizes on building long time relationships with customers: maintaining records and measurements for a period of up to 55 years. Extremely convenient for those who, satisfied with their first experience, envisage further orders by fax or email. This distinguished tailoring brand caters for both the domestic and foreign markets: developing a large customer base from USA, Japan, Asia and Middle East. It provides a wide range of fine products for gents and ladies, followed by facilities such as mail order service, alteration services, delivery services and pickup services. A well crafted jacket at Tailor Pro is an interfacing made of prime quality camel hair, horsehair and flannel. The lining is fused German, and the Melton is a combination of felt and Irish cotton. The buttons are cross-stitched and chosen with great care. Those used on the finest fabrics are made of pure horn and have a diameter of 19 mm for the front buttoning and 9 mm on the sleeves: the four buttonholes on the sleeves are real and may be opened if so wished. Assortment of Materials and design keep customers coming back. Fabrics range from 100% cotton and linens to pure cashmere, alpaca wool, and real kid mohair for suits. Pure Egyptian and Swiss cottons and pinpoint oxford for shirts; and 100% pure Italian cashmere for overcoats. Not to mention pure Thai silk and silk blends. In the world of fashions, one can safely say, time moves quickly. This is the reason why the director attends the many fashion exhibitions in Europe and the USA to keep the firm posted on recent market trends. In doing so, either it is a stylish Versace cut or a trendy Armani model, nothing is impossible for well-experienced tailors. Price range THB 2,500 15,000. Major credit cards accepted. Open daily, 9:30am until 9:00pm. We recommend this tailor, stressing on superior quality, guaranteed workmanship at reasonable price.

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